Razor Electric Scooter

Top Razor Electric Scooter Models That Are Available For Your Selection

Razor Electric Scooter has become popular among people of all ages and with a wide range of models to choose from, you will never find yourself limited to only one option. For instance, you may select a specific model of Razor Scooter which offers you greater speed and ease in your ride while others may chose to have one that gives them fun . To quickly know the Top Features of the different razor scooters available, read along before buying a scooter.

1. Razor E90 Scooter

One of the popular Razor electric scooters is the E90. This model is made up of 12 volts of power, which lets you zoom around to a maximum of 9 miles per hour. It comes with a durable all-steel frame, a kickstand and foot brake at the rear portion. Its wheels are made of high quality urethane material for optimum durability. With 40 minutes of ride, this electric stand upscooter lets you have the best experience the moment you step on the throttle.

2. Razor E100 Scooter

This stunning razor scooter for kids comes with the right size for the frame and deck, which is perfect for children 8 years old and above. It runs quietly and lets you enjoy 40 minutes of ride with speed spanning up to 10 miles per hour. As for the materials used in this scooter, you will be impressed by its durable steel frame, urethane rear wheel and 8-inch pneumatic front wheel. For your convenience, e100 razor scooter features a kickstand that may be retracted when no longer in use. With its high-torque and kick-start motor, you can expect to have the best ride of your life. Lastly, it is hassle-free to control the speed with the scooter’s twist-grip feature.

3. Razor Scooter E200

Older kids about 13 years of age and above will have a blast in this impressive scooter built for those who crave for speed and exciting ride. This razor electric scooter model has a larger frame and deck to accommodate older children and teens, and its sturdy frame and fork are made of the finest quality steel. It can run to a maximum speed limit of 12 miles per hour, for up to 40 minutes of continuous thrilling ride. So, if you prefer a more eco-friendly way to travel to nearby places, then the Razor scooter e200 certainly fits well.

4. E200S Scooter

Looking for a fantastic razor electric scooter for kids? If so, then this product may be a suitable option, although it’s more ideal for older kids or teens because of its full size frame and deck. What’s interesting about this scooter, other than its remarkable speed of up to 12 mph, it has a detachable speed to give you more options during the ride. Razor e200s also features a simple acceleration control, front brake, and a removable kickstand. With its 8-inch pneumatic tires and durable build, you can expect this electric scooter with seat to last for years and offer you hours of excitement with every ride.

5. Razor E300 Scooter

Looking to have a thrilling ride with a scooter that can run amazingly fast? Then, the E300 is the perfect choice for you. With maximum speed of 15 mph, this full-sized scooter is just the one you’ve been looking for. It a sit or stand up electric scooter that can run continuously for 40 minutes, and you only need to control the speed with its twist-grip component. With ultra-wide pneumatic tires of 10 inches, you can expect razor e300 scooter to give you the smoothest and most satisfactory ride.

6. Razor E300S Model

The razor e300s gives you two options during the ride whether to sit or stand, depending on what suits you best. Since it comes with a larger frame and deck, this model can be seen as suitable electric scooters for teenagers and young adults older riders. With its high torque feature, you can speed up to 15 mph and ride for 40 minutes straight with this fast electric scooter. Other great components include the retractable kickstand, user-friendly acceleration control and rear brake that you can operate manually.

7. EcoSmart Metro

Wanting to have a convenient ride that’s Eco-friendly, at the same time? Instead of hopping in your car, consider riding this 2 wheel scooter instead on your way to nearby locations. To some riders, It is fast and the best electric scooter with an impressive speed spanning to a maximum of 18 mph and 40 minutes of use, the EcoSmart Metro will not disappoint. Razor EcoSmart Metro electric scooter even comes with an ultra-comfy padded seat and luggage compartment to secure your bag or other items. Lastly, the steel frame embellished with a lovely bamboo deck give the scooter an all-natural look to it.

8. ESpark Razor Scooter

One of the top-selling razor scooters for kids is the Razor Espark electric scooter which gives riders a fast-paced ride in a chain-driven and high-torque motor. You’ll even love the extra feature added to this scooter with the spark bar, which releases amazing sparks as you step on it. With a speed that goes as high as 10 mph and 40 minutes of use on a single charge, you can put it in the category of the cool electric scooters but it has a great option for an exciting ride for you. You may also consider buying a replacement spark cartridge to keep those impressive sparks flying.

9. Sweet Pea E300S

If pink is your color, then the Sweet Pea E300S is your best bet. This pink electric scooter is packed with ultra-fast speed of up to 15 miles per hour, as well as a full size frame and deck. You can even choose to sit or stand during the ride with a removable seat post. With its high torque feature and simple acceleration control, this product is just the right one for you.

10 Trikke E2

Forget about those conventional kids electric scooter models and go for the Trikke E2 instead. It features two platforms to step on and easy-start system for your total satisfaction. The Razor Trikke e2 scooter also has a 24-volt battery system that you can recharge once the juice runs empty. Just steer away with this scooter and enjoy up to 9 miles per hour of speed that can bring you to places!

Other Scooter Models By Razor :

For those who prefer Razor’s electric ride on scooters, they can find an excellent choice of models that will meet their unique needs and preferences. Here are razor powerwing caster scooter models and other power ride battery-operated scooters that may be perfect for you.

1. PowerWing DLX

If you are in search of excellent Razor scooters for kids, then the Powerwing DLX is definitely a must-have. This cool ride has impressive wings and beam made of fine aluminum material, as well as removable stability platform that are perfect for beginners. The handlebar may be adjusted according to your desired height, and it comes with soft foam grips for your comfort.

2. Daisy PowerWing 

Enjoy every single ride with the Daisy PowerWing that’s packed with double-inclined casters and impressive polymer wings for a distinct look. There are even safety features included in this scoter such as the retractable stability platforms, three wheels, and hand brake. Storage is also a breeze with the scooter’s folding mechanism, so it’s easy to load the scooter in the trunk of your car or keep it in the closet.

3. Sweet Pea PowerWing 

Make a statement with this super girly-looking scooter for kids. Getting from one place to another is easy with this scooter since all you need to do is to lean your body from one side to another. Other key features include the dual-inclined casters, ergonomic handle with foam grips, and retractable stability platforms. Its main beam and wings are also quite durable with top-quality steel and polymer components.

4. PowerRider 360

Just press the button and zoom around the neighborhood with this super cool PowerRider 360. Just hop in, push the button, and you’re off to places at 9 miles per hour of awesome speed. It can even spin at 360 degrees, drift and slide – just like a mini race car! Other features include comfy rubber hand grips, dual-inclined casters, hand brake, chain-driven motor and a maximum of 40 minutes ride. This product is the new generation of electric scooters brought to you by Razor you can read more….

5. Razor Pocket Mod

The Kids Razor scooter; Pocket Mod is a cheap way to cruise around town. It boasts of its high-performing motor, sophisticated style resembling a vintage Italian scooter, and a powerful motor that lets you go the distance. The Razor Pocket Mod Scooter can accommodate riders with a maximum weight of 170 pounds, and it has a spacious storage under the seat. Other superb features that will impress you include the chain-driven motor, rear brake, twist-grip speed control and astounding speed up to 15 miles per hour.

Conclusively, whether you’re a kid or kid-at-heart, Razor offers just the right scooter designs to meet your needs and standards. If none of the above models is your choice, then you can check Razors kick scooters here for other perfect products that suits your age level and preference, and you can expect total satisfaction with these fine rides by Razor.




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