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History of electric scooters in a nutshell

electric scooter on the way

you may need an electric one for more functioning

In the early time of vehicles and transportation there little heard about scooters, first motorcycle was invented somewhere in the backyard of an old mechanic 1911 we may know. Now back to 21st century not big ways of transportation changing, generally speaking they still need electric and fuel to run, there little choice for energy replacement how hard human we try.

Way back to 50 years ago, our generation was busy with war and other movements, there was little care for kids and their childhood enjoyment. Somehow, they’re still grownup healthy without much complaining. Jump back to current time, children now more open to get used of digital materials like iphone, ipad, video games and others… Way to growth an indoor child and keep them “safe” from outside is to give them an ipad or PS4 keep their young mind busy with overwhelming visuals graphics.

Myself love to growth my kids more open to our neighbor and take time playing from the outside, get social with other kids and learn how to interact with, and a brand new scooter for birthday gift can be a good way to start from!