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How to Enjoy Razor Electric Scooters – Safety Precautions and Maintenance

The experience of traversing the roads and sidewalks with one of the Razor Scooter Models is completely unrivaled. These products have been designed from the ‘ground up’ to give the perfect ride for both children and adults alike. Of course, if you want to get the most fun out of your Razor Pro Scooter then you are going to need to take a couple of safety precautions, and of course, learn how to maintain the vehicle properly. On this page I want to cover this in a bit of depth.

Safety on Your Razor Scooter

If you are not willing to be safe on your electric scooter then you SHOULD NOT ride it. Sure, a scooter will not travel at blazingly fast speeds. However it does not have to. All it takes is a small mistake and you could end up injuring yourself seriously. It may not be seen as ‘cool’ to wear safety gear, but trust me, if you fall off the vehicle then you are going to be wishing that you did!

First and foremost, make sure that you grab yourself a helmet to protect your head and when buying one, get a well fitting helmet because even the slightest of knocks to the head can be fatal or cause damage. On top of this you will also want to make sure you have knee and elbow pads. You can purchase all of this directly from razor or you can purchase them from their authorized dealers.

When you are on any models of electric razor scooter or razor kick scooter, it is important that you are observant as possible about your surroundings. You will be surprised at how many people out there will listen to music through their music device whilst riding. This is not safe at all. After all, you will not be able to listen to passing traffic or if somebody approaches you. Whenever you turn you should always make sure that there is no ‘oncoming traffic’ and of course, you want to make sure that you avoid pedestrians on the road because getting ‘hit’ by even a slow moving vehicle like this can be quite painful (and in some cases deadly!)

I am sure that as long as you obey the rules of the road you are going to have next to no problems enjoying your razor scooter when it comes to safety. If you have a child that is going to be riding a Razor Pro Electric Scooter then do make sure that you accompany them to make sure they get everything right. Riding one of these is a completely different beast to riding a manual version after all.

Battery Maintenance

Unlike any of the models of razor kick scooter which requires no battery, the most volatile part on your razor electric scooter will be your battery. Whilst these are ‘built to last’ they will often be the first thing that goes as it is likely that you are really going to be putting it through its paces. Thankfully a good couple of tips can really help to extend the life of that battery.

Firstly, when you first purchase a battery for your electric razor scooter, it is not going to be delivering the best performance that it can. It will take at least ten charge cycles before you get the battery to this point. This means that up until then the battery may not last as long as you anticipated. This is perfectly natural so don’t worry about it too much.

Now, the technology behind the batteries in Razor Scooters has been designed to not have a ‘memory effect’. This means that you do not technically have to discharge the battery fully before you charge it again. Old style batteries meant that over time the battery would start to ‘remember’ its capacity when you started to discharge it and that meant eventually the battery would no longer charge fully. Just because you do not have to do that with your razor scooter does not mean that you should not. In fact, I fully advocate it as in my experience it helps to deliver a heightened service life.

Wear and Tear

It is important that you constantly check for any wear and tear on your vehicle. The key points to check will be the wheels, the foam on the handlebars, and even any clips or screws on the scooter. Try to check at least once every couple of rides. The sooner you catch wear and tear on your scooter, the easier it is going to be to deal with. The majority of parts on razor scooters tend to be fairly replaceable and thus you should not difficulty fitting them yourself.

Don’t forget to clean off the scooter if it gets a little bit dirty! This will not just be for aesthetic purposes either. A dirty scooter can cause increased wear and tear or even cause havoc to your motor.

Learn How to Spot Problems

I want to wrap up this guide to maintenance of your scooter but highlighting a couple of the most popular problems that you are going to have to deal with along with a solution on how you can fix it (in most cases at least!)

One of the parts which tend to be quite volatile on your scooter will be the speed controller. If this breaks then you are in a bit of a pickle because it can be quite dangerous. Let me run you through a couple of solutions for dealing with a speed controller problem:

  • There is a good chance that the fuse on your scooter will have burned out. You can easily determine this visually. This will have to be replaced. If your scooter uses a circuit breaker as opposed to a fuse then see if you can reset it.
  • If that does not work then open up the footplate of the scooter and see if you notice anything burned or melted inside. Again, this is something that you can deal with by sight alone.
  • Test all electrical components to see whether they are broken or not. You can easily do this with a multimeter.
  • Check the brake lever switch. This is important if you are finding that the scooter is not slowing down when brakes are applied. The brake lever switch can become worn down over time. The result will be a switch that does not engage and thus the brakes will not know to ‘switch on’.

If you find that the fuse on your scooter is blowing quite a lot then it is likely that you have been overloading your scooter. Remember, as good as they are, electric scooters are not designed for heavy loads, off-road riding, or going up incredibly steep hills. They are more for gentle inclines and concrete riding. If you have not been putting the scooter through such places before, then you may have a more serious problem. Again, visually look for any burning inside the scooter and test the various components.

It is important that you always use the right size drive belt on your scooter (there are a number of different sizes). The wrong belt could either fall off or become too tight and snap. You should learn how to fit the drive belt yourself as it is likely that this is a part which you will be replacing quite a lot.

If the braking system on your electric scooter is causing you issues then DO NOT ride it until the problem has been dealt with. It is important that the whole brake system is kept clean at all times as even the smallest piece of dirt can cause issues. If you notice any wear and tear in the brake pads or cables then make sure you replace them INSTANTLY!

To be honest with you, the vast majority of problems with your scooter can be solved with limited technological knowledge. There is plenty of information out there. These scooters are built well enough that in most cases the problem is rather simple. It will be a case of replacing one or two parts and you are ‘good to go’.

Source Genuine Razor Scooter Parts

I want to wrap up this brief guide by giving you somewhat of a warning. If you are going to be carrying out razor scooter repairs then it is absolutely vital that you only use genuine razor scooter parts. As you may know, this company has been around for a long time now. This is because they have created a product which is more than capable of giving you years of good use. This is in part down to the fact that Razor only uses the highest quality parts in their products.

Sure, when you veer away from genuine razor parts you are going to find far cheaper prices. However, as the old saying goes ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ and that saying could not possibly be any truer when it comes to owning a scooter. The machines are incredibly filled with fun but if you purchase cheap parts then it is likely that they are going to last you no longer than a couple of weeks of use before they need to be replaced. That cheap part instantly turns into something a great deal more expensive.

Razor Scooter Spare Parts have been built to last. When you purchase a spare part you can be sure that it is going to last you for as long as possible and that makes them a pretty solid investment.

If you buy or receive electric scooter for kids as a gift but unsure about carrying out repairs by yourself, remember to ALWAYS get in touch with a professional. For example; Razor Company has a number of dedicated service centers around the globe so it should not be that difficult to find one.

Razor E200 Electric Scooter Designed for Comfort Rides On Any Terrain

Among the most dynamic and fastest Razor electric scooters, there is the Razor Scooter E200, which is the main electric scooter directed for teenagers beyond the age of 13. Parents will have the ability to purchase this particular scooter in various retailers nationwide within a very affordable price range that makes it quite unique and attractive for many parents and their teenagers who would like to have a safe form of entertainment or medium of transport.

Main Overview of the Razor E200 Electric Scooter

One of the leading characteristics about the Razor E200 scooter is its integrated full size deck and frame which can effectively be used by any person including adults and kids over the age of thirteen, its main full deck and its overall size make it quite unlike other scooters that have a specific deck for only kids, this size enables fully functional movement, twists, turns and great dynamics in terms of controlling the scooter at various speeds and on various terrains.

The Razor Electric Scooter E200 is completely functional with an electrical motor in which has a travel speed of up to 13 miles per hour, suitable for short distances and safe for road use. It maximum carrying weight goes up to 154 pounds, allowing kids over the age of 13 to fully maximize their use up to this weight and it is an environmentally friendly mode of entertainment or transport due to the absence of gasoline powered engines that create pollution, fully electrical scooters such as this is the way to go green.

Specifics about the Razor scooter E200

The Razor E200s are electrical scooters that have been well favored over other brands and quite preferred by many customers around the world due to the great specifics and technical details that go beyond of what is actually expected.

First and foremost, the scooter is very lightweight, with a combined weight of just 40 pounds. It dimensions all measured in inches are 37 x 16 x 42, which are the best dimensions for a scooter given that they comply with most of the expected industry’s standards. The fully electrical scooter functions with two 12V batteries for a combined power of 24V, in which these batteries can be recharged and have an expected lifetime of 40 minutes of continuous use.

The 8’’ pneumatic tires are ideal for continuous terrain rides in terms of allowing teenagers to move through various terrains and not running the risk of having a flat tire even in the harsher circumstances. This inevitably allows a proper use of the scooter while allowing the dynamics and technology behind each tire to fully manifest itself through continuous use.

In addition to these features and specs, the E200 also features a highly functional hand operated brake in which teenagers can safely press in order to obtain a full brake impact dependent upon the force applied to the handbrake. Razor has implemented handbrakes instead of foot brakes mainly for numerous safety procedures and for the ability to fully secure new and improved methods of brake systems that are more efficient.

Whenever parents order this scooter for their teenagers, the order comes with an owner’s manual and step-by-step guide on how to assemble it. This ensures proper assembly and the integration of parts so that users will see how the E200 Electric Razor Scooter is simple to assemble before putting it our for a test ride.

Price Consideration and Quality of the E200 Scooter

When it comes to selecting a specific electric scooter, the overall approach to prices and the cost of the scooter always comes into play, especially for parents. With the E200 Razor Scooter, parents can be safely assured that the price is highly affordable and quite competitive with other scooters in the market, given that the level of quality of the Razor E200s goes beyond of what is actually expected from most customers and adds a great affinity to the functionality of the scooter itself.

Speed and Safety Procedures

In order to fully integrate a well-structured scooter, there has to be the essence of speed experience and the ability to stay within that speed in a very safe manner following adequate procedures. Given that the Razor E200 reaches a speed of 13 miles per hour, its fully dynamic size, design, base, materials made from steel and fork and handbrake integration, make the experience of riding at 13 miles per hour a thrilling yet secure form of fun for teenagers.

Parents can feel secure that their teenagers will be safe in all ways when it comes toward feeling the overall experience of riding the scooter. The overall design and engineering principles applied to the Razor E200 scooter give it a great approach toward integrating this and many other scooters from the same brand the best affinity toward quality and delivering a product that is not only safe, affordable, but also excellent in its purpose.

Bottom Line Experiences and Razor E200 Electric Scooter Reviews

Almost all customers who have purchased the E200 scooter have expressed a great deal of joy, satisfaction and the feeling that they obtained something of very good quality for their money. Parents have also represented the overall safety methods and specs that the Razor brand integrates into its scooters and how their teenagers have never been unsafe with respect to riding the scooter.

In Conclusion, given its high level of affordability and quality compared to other electrical scooters from other brands, it is highly recommended to consider purchasing the Razor e200 electric scooter due to its great characteristics that will prove to guarantee an excellent form of play and entertainment for teenagers and the best solution in terms of safety and gifts for parents.


Razor E300 electric Scooter Allows Kids Experience Real Fun On Scooter

When describing an electrical scooter, the words power and comfort do not really match up given the nature of scooters, their design and overall aspects in consideration. However, the Razor E300 electric scooter is one exception to this notion, due to the scooter being an excellent propeller of design, speed, comfort and power in all aspects considered.

The following reviews and descriptions will give an overview of why you should consider purchasing the E300 Razor Scooter.

  • Great Speed and Flawless Design Characteristics

The E300 Razor Scooter is usually called the Maximum Overdrive in many publications, websites and review sites due to its great and fast speed that can reach up to 15 miles per hour. The design of the scooter is highly practical and has the largest deck of the E-series of scooters from the Razor brand, allowing the proper use of the deck for transportation or simple fun for any teenager past the age of thirteen.

Apart from these design characteristics, the E300 electric scooter can carry a maximum combined weight of 220 pounds, allowing its proper use without worrying or focusing too much in the proper riding manageability when carrying more weight. Its 10’’ pneumatic tires are quite excellent in their ability to ride all forms of terrain, ensuring variability and safety for riders who need to ride their scooters in several forms of paved terrain with these tires.

  • Razor E300 Electric Scooter Favorable Technical Specifications

In terms of analyzing the technical specifications of the Razor E300, it is important to take notice that the scooter by itself has a prominent design in terms of specifications and the overall ability for riders to take the maximum advantage of these technicalities to their favor.

The overall combined weight of the scooter is 46 pounds, which is the correct weight and considered lightweight given the power and overall design of the scooter. Its dimensions are larger than other models from the E-series line, mainly approaching the 41 x 17 x 42 inches in total dimensions. Like all scooters from this same line, the E300 uses two 12V batteries for a total combined power of 24V integrated to a rechargeable battery system.

Some of the most favorable features desired by most customers are the ability of the scooter to last over 40 minutes of continuous use on a single charge. This is a very favored aspect due to the fact that those 40 minutes are integrated into a high torque, chain driven motor that enables the proper maximization of continuous speed despite movements or turns that may arise within the overall riding experience of the E300 electric scooter.

  • The Addition of Comfort in the E300s Electric Scooter

When talking about comfort we are mainly focused in the Razor E300s seated electric scooter which is the model that has an integrated seat attached to the scooter in order to maximize the comfort and the ability to sit down while riding the scooter.

The best differentiability about the Razor E300s scooter is the fact that adding a seat does not alter any of the other factors already discussed such as speed, torque, design precision and other minor details that are quite fundamental to the nature of the scooter itself. All these factors and specifications stay all the same, where the only spec that changes is the fact that the overall added comfort is embraced by its new riders to a whole new dimension.

For those riders who want to experience a whole new level of remarkability in comfort plus power plus speed, there is nothing better than the Razor E300s electric scooter which will satisfy all of these preferred features adding on top comfort and suitability for a great package that will inevitably create a new and better form of transportation.

  • Popularity And Wide Availability Nationwide

Parents who want to give their children the Electric Razor Scooter E300 will be delighted to know that they are able to find this same scooter nationwide in the top major retailers, such as Toy R Us, Sports Authority as well as numerous online and non-online retailers.

This given level of wide availability make the E300 scooter quite practical in terms of finding it at a close location to home and to have the ability to properly search its respective parts, replacement items, accessories and other essentials in these same locations.

  • Excellent Level of Affordability for the Razor E300 Scooter

In addition to finding the electric scooter E300 in numerous retailers nationwide, it is also important to take notice that this same scooter can be found with very attractive prices that will enable many parents and teenagers to receive an excellent product of very high quality for an excellent price that will inevitably determine the best level of affordability of electric scooters in the market.

These competitive prices for the Razor E300 Electric Scooter are quite favorable for parents who want to get the best deals for their money, ensuring a stream of excellent returns based on a reliable product that will make their teenagers enjoy the fun and thrilling experience of riding this scooter at the best safety standards.

Why the Razor E300 Electric Scooter Should be in Your Preference List?

Although the brand Razor offers numerous and distinctive forms of electric scooters, it is imperative to take notice that the Electric Razor Scooter E300 is among the best for those teenagers who want the best quality of power and comfort combined in a single sitting.

The overall features of a faster speed of 15 miles per hour and its increase in overall aspects toward the best design and the attached seat remarkably improve the characteristics of a favorable scooter in which the attention span is mainly focused on the excellent quality and the great overall aspects in which one is receiving. Given these characteristics, many parents and their kids are purchasing the Electric Scooter E300 for its incredible price, specifications and features.

Razor Powerwing Scooter – Model That Parent Would Even Want To Ride

Scooters are a huge hit to kids and teens, and this trend is probably here to stay for quite a long time. With TV shows and video games glorifying the excitement and thrill that scooters bring, it is not surprising that more and more kids are including these fancy rides on their wish lists. As a result, manufacturers are producing better and more fascinating designs and features in their scooters to give users a better experience with this adrenaline-boosting ride.

Razor Powerwing Scooter – Great Idea of The Leader in Scooters

Razor proves to be the industry’s largest retailer of scooters, and you can find their products in numerous online resources and retail shops. Moreover, the company provides customers with a range of scooter models such as electric, battery-operated, and non-motorized ones. Each of these scooter types are designed for specific age levels, and it is highly recommended that proper safety equipment is worn at all times while cruising around on this scooter. For instance, you need to wear a helmet, knee and elbow pads to prevent serious injuries as you zoom away on this ride.

One of the great features of Razor power wings scooter is its three-wheel design, which offers optimum safety and stability to younger kids. When trying to glide on this ride, all you need to do is to twist your body from one side to the next, so you can keep moving. Lastly, this razor brand comes with double-inclined casters that enable acceleration, quick turning and drifting without the need to push. To let you have a safe, easy and enjoyable ride, you may simply use the stability bars – and this is highly recommended to first-timers for safety purposes.

 Top 3 Highly Rated Powerwing Razor Scooter Models

If you are in the market for an excellent powerwing scooter that is loaded with remarkable features, then the following reviews can help you make an informed decision on what to buy for your child.

1. Razor Powerwing Deluxe

The Razor powerwing DLX scooter offers a side-to-side kind of ride that any child will love. It’s perfect for performing simple stunts such as the 360-degree turn, kick-outs, spin-outs and side drifts. What’s unique about this product is the horizontal platform where your child can step on for greater stability. Its front wheel also comes with a special brake system, so your child can instantly stop wheeling away once the brake is activated. With this safety feature, you can have peace of mind as your kid enjoys riding this deluxe scooter model by Razor.

It is also interesting to note that the DLX model is available in a stunning combination of colors including green, black and chrome. With this versatile design, it can be used by boys and girls who are always up for adventure with this superb ride.

The Razor powerwing DLX comes with adjustable handle bars, so you can easily position the handle depending on your preferred height. The Deluxe scooter also has a larger size than the other models, which makes it perfect for larger kids.

2. The Sweet Pea Powerwing 

Is your child crazy about anything that comes in color pink? If your little girl is fond of this color, then the Sweet Pea powerwing razor pink scooter is certainly a fine choice for your sporty child. It features dual-inclined casters that give you the ease in turning or accelerating, and the unique three-wheel design lets your child learn how to ride safely and do simple tricks.

Among the top components of this Razor powerwing scooter include the following:

  • Comes with inclined casters for hassle-free turning, accelerating and drifting
  • Has an ultra-feminine look with its metallic pink color
  • Polymer material for the wings and steel for the main beam
  • Has several safety features such as the hand brake, detachable stability bars, and urethane wheels
  • Recommended to kids 5 years and older
  •  Maximum weight capacity of the scooter is 143 pounds

Your child will enjoy riding this spectacular scooter made perfectly to meet her need for some active fun while keeping her safe throughout the entire ride.

 3. The Daisy PowerWing

Kids will go crazy about the Razor Powerwing Daisy scooter, which offers anyone an exciting ride on this impressive-looking scooter. With it’s inclined casters, accelerating and drifting are a breeze. You can even try to perfect your 360-degree spins and sideways drifts on this scooter. No matter what stunt you have in mind, performing all of them using this sweet ride is an excellent choice.

This adorable Razor Daisy powerwing scooter offers kids a great tool to use for some active and freestyle moves. After use, storing the scooter in your preferred place is quite stress-free. You can simply fold it in a few and easy steps, so you can place it neatly in your closet or storage shed.

The fun and vibrant decals of this scooter will instantly impress you, but there’s more to it than what meets the eye. For instance, it is equipped with ABEC-5 bearings that give you that smooth ride, as well as stability bars with detachable features. The front wheel, which measures 125 mm is made of urethane material while the rear polyurethane wheels measure 64 mm.

The Best Option For Consideration

The Razor powerwing caster scooter has made this brand famous because of its impressive features and safety components that kids love. Now that there are three  models available, which are equally great; the powerwing DLX, Daisy scooter and the Sweet Pea powerwing scooter they all have the same functionality of electric scooters, although some are more spacious than the other.

Generally, when deciding on the model of Razor Powerwing Scooterto buy, it is always better to understand your specific needs and concerns about the design, comfort, stability and durability of materials used. Primarily, the Daisy and Sweet Pea powerwing scooters are more suitable for girls because of their dainty prints and designs while the powerwing DLX is fine for both boys and girls. Just be sure to follow the maximum weight capacity limit and secure the stability bars in place, particularly when your child is still learning to ride the scooter. By following these tips and comparing the different features of each product, you can find just the perfect option that will suit your requirements and budget.

Razor E100 Electric Scooter – The Favorable Model Of Many Kids

Razor E100 Electric Scooter is popular among kids but as a parent whenever you are looking for a perfect gift for a teenager or a kid, it is very likely that coming up with it as an idea in mind is very challenging due to numerous aspects in considering the perfect gift and finding something that the teenager or kid will like.

This problem can be solved by giving the Razor E100 scooter, one of the best and most reliable scooters available in the market from the Razor Electric Scooters brand. Giving this gift to a teenager or kid is an ideal approach given that most kids or teenagers would love to have one of this in any special occasion as a gift either during Christmas or in birthday parties.

Why the Razor E100 Electric Scooter Is An Ideal Gift

The Razor E100 scooter is an ideal gift given that it is an electric scooter powered up by a small electric motor and it has been designed to feature a kid-sized deck for riders of age eight and up. One of its main characteristics with regards to its overall functionality is based on the ability of the scooter to use an electric motor yet release almost no noise at all; this quiet functionality enables a comfortable riding experience without too many sound distortions.

Apart from this unique characteristic, the Razor E100 tops out at 10 miles per hour within its maximum speed range and can hold a maximum total weight of 120 pounds, mostly suitable for kids over the age of 8 but under this particular weight threshold.

These characteristics make this particular scooter an ideal gift toward those kids or teenagers who want a basic, yet fulfilling riding experience full of great approaches to a medium of entertainment or transportation within short distances in safe areas.

State-of-the-art Specs Make Razor E100 Electric scooter top out in Safety

The E100 Razor Scooter comes in two available colors; pink and red. These two colors represent the overall significance of preference for colors in terms of gender, where male kids will most likely be comfortable with a red color and female kids will mostly direct their interest toward choosing a pink color.

Its weight is only 29 pounds and has very flexible and dynamic dimension which are 32.5 x 16 x 36 all in inches. The Razor E100 battery is fully electrical and occupies two 12V for a total power of 24V within sealed lead acid using a rechargeable battery system. A battery charger for the scooter is already included with the purchase and parents may need to guide their kids to assemble the E100 electric scooter given that an owner’s manual is also included for reference.

Fun Features that you will not find in any other Electric Scooter

When it comes to features, parents want to give the best, safest and most fun characteristics to any scooter that they choose for their kids. Fortunately, the Razor E100 fits perfectly into these criteria of requirements in order to satisfy all these desired aspects both for parents and kids.

  • First and foremost the speed of the E100 Scooter from the Razor brand is among the best given its excellent level of reliability with an average speed topping out to more than 10 miles per hour. This is considered a very high speed for a scooter of this size, but very safe for children to use as long as they are eight years old at minimum.
  • The battery duration is approximately 40 minutes when used continuously and an average of a little less than 40 minutes if the scooter is used sparingly. Given the nature of play of children and teenagers, it is very likely that the E100 electric scooter will fit into most of children’s play time without too much inherent pressure on recharging the battery and not the playing with the actual scooter, this 40-minute time frame is among the best when considered altogether.
  • Its high durability is also enhanced by the excellent nature of materials in which the scooter is made of, which are essentially steel frame and fork. Riders will experience a high-torque; kick start feeling which is essentially the best experience to manifest itself through. In overall, the E100 Razor electric scooter has among the best fun features that will guarantee a fun and safe experience for any kid over the age of eight.

Wide Availability of Razor E100 Parts

Whenever the Razor E100 Scooter needs a replacement part due to damage, tear or wear, it is highly recommended to look for these Razor E100 parts right on their main website. This easy process allows either parents or kids to purchase the necessary parts that will be needed to replace or repair the scooter at a very competitive cost following an easy process.

For this reason, both kids and their parents can have the peace of mind that the Razor E100 parts will always be available whenever they are needed in any situation that may arise.

Simple Effectiveness Delivered at your Hands

The Razor Electric Scooter E100 is among the best and most reliable scooters available in the market for kids over the age of eight due to their excellent technical specs, durability, reliability, proper electrical motor functionality and the excellent approach toward its high endurance and distance range. It is highly recommended to analyze deeply the preferences, benefits and advantages that the E100 Scooter can deliver to kids before considering any other scooter out there in the market.

Apart from this, its price is quite competitive compared with other scooters; this high level of affordability enables parents and kids to properly choose their favorite retailer given the wide availability of the E100 model almost nationwide.

Parents do your kids a favor and give the most fun gift ever experienced by considering the purchase of the Razor e100 electric scooter and both you and your kids will be happy as he cruises on it while you watch him enjoying the great fun.